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After school care

What does our after school care has to offer you?

Our after school care offers more than just the average day care before and after school hours!
Moments to relax are essential for kids growing up, especially after a rough day at school where continuous effort is important. Fortunately, Child Care Center Kelsey knows everything about that! That’s why we started with an after school service in September 2016, located in Amsterdam East (in the new residential area ‘Oostpoort’).

Our dedicated team of professionals is devoted to making each day fun and educational. The children are accommodated in vertical groups of 4 – 12 years old. The groups are divided into 3 base groups. We want our children to have a fun, relaxing and informative day. Making sure that your child goes home happy!

Healthy children
Child Care Center Kelsey finds it important that each child can relax in a fun, healthy and responsible manner. Therefore it’s necessary to exercise a lot, eat healthy and be creative. Child Care Center Kelsey offers different opportunities for your child to engage in sports, cooking workshops and other creative activities. Next to our indoor activities, we also undertake outdoor activities. On our program you will be able to find activities such as horseback riding, swimming lessons and athletics. Furthermore, we often visit Jeugdland, a playground which lies near our after school center.

The children’s areas of our after school center has adjacent areas which are merged into one area, which offers a clear overview. It has a lot of large windows from floor to ceiling which covers a length of approximately 25 meters. As a result, natural daylight emerges into the day care center, giving it a fantastic view of the residential area ‘Oostpoort’.

We have a beautiful Living Area where children can lounge. It has its own kitchen, with a lowered countertop for our little chefs.

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To the right you can find the Cooking Studio where the children can take part in different cooking workshops. You can be assured that the results are always tested in the Living Room!

A large Multifunctional Studio is located at the other side of the Living Room. Here is where the children can indulge in different creative activities, while developing their creative skills. All the way at the other side of the children’s area you can find the playground where the children can engage in numerous activities involving sports and games.

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For detailed information about our exciting, sportive and creative activities, visit our page Activiteitenaanbod NSO.

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